Inside The Past Behind Me

by Rob Magill

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Recorded in the first half of 2015

This is a concept album, in relation to lyrical, soundscape, idea logics, as sound sculptures.

1. story
2. music
3. theory

This album is also a poem.

Inside the past behind me.
all that is inside,
your past plays a lot,
The chief of cosmic conscience , battles the star of the heart within.
The demons inside the brain come from the light.
Some of the tortured, lose's the head of the idea.
Turns into a hanging, where your "idea valley" falls through your body
below your past, and the battle.
The arms of the, chief of cosmic conscience, turns into weapons to fight
the light in the torture. the demons fly around the war play, above the hanging. The arms of the light find you battling with yourself of them.
The space between your spine and the fire,
show most of the inside shooting stars fly throughout your body.
While the battle continues,
the serpents covers your dissolving memory.
Flying by the, the shooting ideas,
the power of strength dances with the rest.
All of the senses are becoming one.
From a multiplied energy.
Yourself into the future for a more, of the unknown.
While your past is in a peripheral gaze upon space.
Rounds of a sent shows you to the footsteps of love.
Inside the future holds its head.
A arrow points up to flag down the light of yourself.
Airplanes fly to save the torture of nature.
Native to yourself, the culture is in a fight.
Arms of the shooting light,
fade below tortures head.
The platform for the light in the stars, form the image.
the fighters above torture, and below the flying demon,
collapse to the injury, that gets obscured by the nature of the arms of torture. More shooting beliefs run into the big star.
Staring at the feathers in the head of the cosmic conscience.
Old stories become stretched out in, absolute history.
The backbone of desire and passion keeps a poise to the present,
while its in front of the future.
But the battle will always continue to be interesting to the image.


released November 12, 2015

Rob Magill - Vocals, Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Drums, Bass Clarinet, Violin, Electric Piano, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone

Natalie Alyse - Vocals

Walker Delbo - Drums

Taylor Hellewell - Drums

Alex Gray - Drums

Engineer/ Mixing/Mastering - Jason Martinez



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